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Wednesday, January 16

Welcome Reception (The Diplomat Beach Resort)

5:00PM - 7:00PM

VIP Dinner hosted by Gary Vaynerchuk

6:00PM - 9:00PM

Thursday, January 17


7:30AM - 8:30AM


7:30AM - 8:30AM

Opening Fireside Chat with Gary Vaynerchuk & Matt Higgins

8:30AM - 9:00AM

Break Off for Industry Tracks

9:00AM - 9:15AM

9:15AM - 9:55AM

Social 101: The State of Consumer Attention in 2019

What does “social” mean in 2019? Established platforms like Facebook and Instagram hold the throne, while more emerging technologies like one-on-one messaging and voice AI are changing where consumers are giving their attention. In this presentation, we’ll lay out the current social landscape and where you can make the biggest impact for your Insurance business, discuss how to approach each platform from a creative and strategic perspective, and look ahead to what’s coming around the corner.

Speaker: Matt Guerin, VP of Partnerships, VaynerMedia

10:05AM - 10:45AM

Selling with Stories: Creating Emotional Connections to Drive Insurance Sales

Facts tell, but stories sell. Storytelling is an underutilized tactic in Insurance sales, yet one of the most effective in proving the value or necessity of your products. We’ll hear from a lineup of creative storytellers about how to create an emotional connection with your audience, and how to leverage that connection to sell insurance products.


  • Steve Babcock, Chief Creative Officer, VaynerMedia

  • Dani Kimble, CMO, The O’Neill Group

  • Leila Sundstrom, Producer & Risk Consultant

  • Taylor Dobbie, Co-Founder, Insurance Soup

  • [Moderator] Bradley Flowers, Co-Host, The Insurance Guys Podcast

10:55AM - 11:35AM

Lead Generation in a Digital World

With the influx of direct-to-consumer models and insurtech disrupters, the process of generating new leads has become more complex. However, today’s digital platforms offer precise data targeting capabilities that can be used to identify qualified leads based on various life events and characteristics. In this session, we’ll talk to lead gen experts to learn how to set up a multi-channel approach on social and digital media that identifies and converts highly qualified leads.


  • Jeff Nicholson, Chief Media Officer, VaynerMedia

  • Preston Schmidli, Co-Founder, Good Vibe Squad Marketing

  • Brendan Weitz, GM NY & Head of Partnerships, Quora

  • Tanuj Joshi, CEO & Co-Founder, Eulerity

  • [Moderator] Carey Anne Nadeau, Founder & CEO, ODN and Host of 'Profiles in Risk'


11:35AM - 12:30PM

Keynote Presentation with John Henry

12:30PM - 1:00PM

Break Off for Industry Tracks

1:00PM - 1:15PM

1:15PM - 1:55PM

“Trust Funding” and Connecting with Gen-Z

A new generation is entering the insurance world: meet Gen-Z. Gen-Z makes up 25.9% of the United States population, and will grow to one third by 2020. For these consumers, trust is a key factor in purchase decisions, which is why Mintel named “Trust Funding” as a top 2018 Insurance trend (when a company represents transparency, authenticity, and advocacy, and markets itself as having its consumers’ best interests at heart). In this panel, we’ll hear from individuals who have successfully built a brand around trust, and discuss effective business and marketing strategies for selling to Generation Z.


  • Justine Bloom, Chief Strategy Officer, VaynerMedia

  • Brad Auerbach, Head of Industry, Insurance, Facebook

  • Douglas Jones, Managing Partners, JAG Insurance Group

  • Joey Giangola, Managing Editor, Agency Nation

  • [Moderator] Michael McCormick, Co-Founder, Insurance Soup

2:05PM - 2:45PM

Instagram Story School for Insurance (presented by Instagram)

Whether you're new to Instagram Stories or a seasoned pro, this fun and interactive workshop shows you how to maximize Instagram's in-app toolkit for creative reporting and storytelling. Learn the latest Stories hacks and get inspired by best-in-class examples in this hands-on session.

Networking & Snack Break

3:00PM - 4:30PM


Deep Dive Sessions at the VaynerMedia Cabana (first come, first serve):

Personal Branding (3:00PM - 3:45PM)

Join Lindsay Blum, Head of VaynerTalent, for a deep dive on personal branding in 2019. In this 45 minute session, a group of 10-15 will be taken through an interactive workshop and learn how to build awareness and equity around your passions, stories, and skills in a way that drives future business opportunities. Sign-up will take place at the VaynerMedia cabana on January 17 (first come, first serve).

Creative (3:45PM - 4:30PM)

Join Steve Babcock, VaynerMedia's Chief Creative Officer, for an interactive 45 minute session that teaches you how to create and produce effective creative for the now. This session will cover how to effectively market yourself and your business in today's fragmented landscape, how to hook consumers, how to create content that works, and more. Sign-up will take place at the VaynerMedia cabana on January 17 (first come, first serve).

Closing Keynote with Gary Vaynerchuk

4:30PM - 5:00PM


*Schedule subject to change



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